Ready-To-Run Chevy Distributor for 409 Aluminum Block

By: Miguel Angel Tapia05/28/2015 < Back to Blog Home
Chevy 409/509 Ready To Run Distributor, PN 83931


1. Specially designed for the All Aluminum 409/509 Block

2. Maintenance-free magnetic pickup never requires adjusting

3. Builtin ignition module delivers a powerful spark

4. Simple and clean three-wire installation

5. Includes built-in Rev Limiter

MSD now provides the spark for the new retro all aluminum W-block. This distributor is Ready-to-Run which means you just need to connect three wires to fire up the engine. No external ignition controls are required. It has a powerful module built into the housing. This module produces a stout inductive spark that will improve the overall drivability and performance of your classic Chevy.

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